The Monster Zone

The first Experience Zone revealed on Virtua Island...

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A strange energy signature appeared just after the emergence of Virtua Island, leading explorers to investigate the area and discover an entirely new zone, teeming with primal life. It was quickly dubbed the “Monster Zone” - because sometimes this is a name we give to creatures we cannot fathom.

In the Monster Zone, surprises lurk in the gloom and darkness - and wild-eyed adventurers tell stories that have fascinated and terrified curious minds across Virtua Prime. Rumour has it that some visitors have never returned from a voyage into the perilous Monster Park, while others whisper of vast mythical beasts, hidden rewards, and riches buried under the soil and swamps.

The existence of a secretive Breeding Facility has also been confirmed, drawing the attention of those searching for creatures that are truly unique.

Owning a Land Plot or Condo in the Edge Zone that borders the Monster Zone is one of the most prestigious status indicators that an inhabitant of Virtua Prime can possibly achieve.

Monster Zone Land Plots come in four different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Giga), and Condos are also available for those who prefer to own a smaller personal space.

Cardano Benefits

Virtua Island is open to anyone and everyone. If you own a Cardano Island Land Plot or Condo, and would also like to own a Plot on Virtua Island - no problem! We've allocated 500 plots to the Cardano community. Simply buy your land plot and mint it, and pay in ADA.

Monster Zone Locations

  • Monster Park

  • Breeding Facility (within Monster Park)

  • Monster Zone Plots and Condos

  • Cardano Community Plots

  • Monster Hub

Land Ownership Benefits

*Additionally, owners of Medium Monster Zone Land Plots will have access to Game Cubes, which are unique NFTs that power up Web2 and Web3 games.

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