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What Is Virtua?

Virtua is a metaverse driven by games and social experiences. A world where you can constantly reinvent yourself. A world where you can create, play, and socialize with like-minded people. A vast virtual space that you can truly call home. In Virtua you can explore, hang out, and own land and properties where you can showcase your personal NFT collections.

You can also craft, own, and use all kinds of amazing items and assets, and join a range of communities that share your favorite passions.

Virtua changes the dynamic of engaging with digital experiences, because our metaverse is built using Web3 technologies. This means it shifts ownership, identity, and communication back to you as a user. We also collaborate with major brand partners across entertainment, art, music, sport, blockchain, crypto and gaming, to pioneer new ways to immerse you in everything you love.

Why Virtua?

We’ve been at the forefront of the Web3, metaverse, and NFT industries for over half a decade, and our team of experts are completely dedicated to giving our ever-expanding community an evolving metaverse experience.

Top-level brands trust us to create great experiences, and help bring iconic Web2 IPs into the Web3 space. We’ve already worked with amazing brands, companies, and creatives including:

Many more partnerships are currently in development.

Virtua is multi-platform and includes desktop, mobile, AR and VR interfaces, providing you with total freedom of choice as you explore and have fun in this new virtual universe.

NOTE: This is an on-going wiki, subject to change overtime

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